Discover How to Locate the Best Free Online Affiliate Program

I am sure you are having some trouble trying to locate the best free online affiliate program and have no idea how to even get started looking for one. This is a very common problem and I ran in to it some time in the past. I was confused and had no way of knowing what to do. It was not until I met a group of people who had some experience with these kinds of programs that I was able to get a sense of direction.

Just like I received a sense of direction from those people in the past I will be able to pass it to you as well. The way to go about locating the best free online affiliate program is to do your research and dedicate some time to investigating in the popular search engine known as Google. To me this was a shock as I had never heard or really dove in to these things.

The best way to go is by putting in the term free online affiliate programs in the search engine and then make sure to pay attention to the search results. You will be able to see a lot of these programs so the next step is to research a specific program that you come across with in your first search.

By doing this you are going to get more detailed information on each specific program that you are interested in. You must keep in mind that the more information you gather the better it is going to be when deciding which one is the best free online affiliate program. Make sure to pay attention to see if they offer a free trial because this is what truly sets the best programs apart from the rest.

The reason this makes such a huge difference is because the programs that offer a free trial are the ones who truly believe in what they have to offer and know that people will stay after the free trial.

Best Free Online Affiliate Program

One of the best free online affiliate program which you can find on the internet is run by OA Internet Services. It pays you as high as 50% when a customer orders their product through your affiliate link.

It has many types of products which you can promote ranging from penis enhancement pills, penis enhancement patches, sperm enhancement pills, female libido enhancer, human colognes for both male and female, human growth hormones pill, male libido enhancer, breast enlargement pill and the rest of others.

I promote range of their products and I must tell you that most of their products are profitable. I have made more than $1500 in some few weeks alone from the promotion of OA Internet Services online affiliate program. The screen shot of my earning can be found at my website, which link is found at the end of this article.

OA Internet Services, as one of the best free online affiliate programs, has a way of rewarding its affiliates. When you make a certain amount of money in a month which is usually 1000 dollars and above, your commission percentage will be increased to 60%. OA Internet Services pays through many means. It pays through paypal, epassport, wire transfer and check. The best part of OA Internet Services is that it pays every week. It pays you every Friday for the sales you have accrued for the previous week. This is the only affiliate program that pays on time and when due.

Their minimum payout plan is very low. When you have accrued up to $100, you will be paid through the means you chose to receive your payment. One thing I have noticed with OA Internet Services affiliate program is that their customer care is very fast in responding to your message. I received a reply for the questions I asked them within hours. This is unlike many affiliate programs that takes up to 2 to 5 days to reply your mails, if at all they will be able to reply.

Best Free Online Affiliate Program: How To Find it

Knowing how to identify the best free online affiliate program is important because it will have a huge impact on the sort of income you are able to generate. Not knowing how to identify the best free online affiliate program will cost you money because even if you are still able to earn some income, you will be unable to reap the full potential of your site, resources and personal skills.

Without exception the best free online affiliate program must allow you to earn income from the sales of your second tier sub affiliates. If it offers an opportunity for you to also earn on a third tier, it is even better. This is very important and this single factor can make a huge difference to the sort of income that you will end up with.

The reason is that no matter how good you are or how high the traffic your best free online affiliate program site receives, there is no way that you can compete with somebody who has got an army of second tier sub affiliates. And if that person even has a third tier army of sub-affiliates making sales on their behalf, they then become completely and totally unbeatable.

While it is important to check out all the other obvious factors when joining an affiliate program, like reputation of affiliate company and ability and track record in paying out commissions to affiliates, your best free online affiliate program must be one that pays you for sub affiliate sales.

Free Online Affiliate Program: The Power In Testing

Many a lucrative online affiliate program is free to join. The big problem many face is how to identify the most lucrative and appropriate programs to join.

Yet this problem can be solved very easily. All one needs to do is to test every free online affiliate program they join before they start a full promotional program.

Testing every free online affiliate program you join will also help you predict with great accuracy what sort of earnings you can expect.

Here is how the test should be carried out. Start by directing traffic to the affiliate site until you make a single sale. You then simply sit down and calculate how many hits you needed to achieve the single sale from your free online affiliate program. You then do a final test and generate exactly the same amount of traffic and see what happens.

Armed with this valuable information, you now know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goal in sales from your free online affiliate program. You will find that many times achieving your first sale will not be easy. If it is an affiliate link that you have pasted at your site, be a little patient and give it time. If the free online affiliate program still doesn’t yield any sale or show any promise then the best thing is to replace it with another one which you will put through the same testing process.

Testing is such a vital aspect to success from free online affiliate programs that without it many are doomed to failure.

What to Avoid When Choosing a Free Online Affiliate Program

1. Excessive Hype. It’s understandable that a new product or service is going to be hyped. Advertising and marketing must be promoted to spread the word. However hype can backfire when the product simply doesn’t live up to the mythical aura created to promote it.

2. Outrageous Claims. Can you make a million dollars without lifting a finger? Unless your name is Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, don’t count on it. Free online affiliate programs often will claim that what they have to offer is

3. Poor products. Sometimes the product just doesn’t deliver. Unless you’re testing out every product that you happen to promote (a good idea, but sometimes impractical to accomplish), you’re going to run across products that simply don’t perform the way either you or the customer expects. If you can’t try the product yourself, locate unbiased reviews before you begin a campaign that could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in wasted advertising fees.

4. No demand. Everything looks right: the PPC campaign has the right keywords, the product is fantastic, and the sales letter is smokin’. But there’s a problem: no one actually wants to buy! Make sure you fully understand the market before you get in too deep with a free online affiliate program. Just because it says “free” doesn’t mean you won’t lose any money if things go unexpectedly wrong.

5. Marginal profits. Free online affiliate programs usually don’t have the problem of offering low commissions. However, you’ll occasionally encounter a product that seems great, but the cost of promoting it nearly outweighs the profit potential. Doing a thorough cost / benefit analysis in your initial planning stages can save you a lot of time and money.

6. Shoddy copywriting. Nothing kills a good product like bad salesmanship. The free online affiliate program you select should have a sales letter that sings. If it doesn’t, no matter how well you promote it, the product may not sell. If you think there are problems with the sales page, ask an affiliate manager directly if it can be updated – or if your campaign can link directly to the checkout page.

7. Vague wording. Sometimes free online affiliate programs make promises to consumers and affiliates alike about various aspects of their product or affiliate program. Make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting into before you start promoting something. Nothing will sting worse than sales you lose because you failed to understand an unclear passage in the terms and conditions.

If you follow these tips, you’ll find yourself involved with the best free online affiliate programs out there. Good luck!

The Best Free Online Affiliate Program – Traits to Look For

What separates a typical affiliate program from the best free online affiliate programs out there? There are several factors you should consider when searching for a strong affiliate program with which to partner.

1. Second or third tier sales. This is a doozy. The best free online affiliate programs offer you the ability to sign up affiliates below you – so called “sub affiliates.” You make money from everyone below you.

2. Lifetime commissions. Some affiliate programs will give your residual commissions for the entire time a customer buys from them. This is a great way to earn passive income indefinitely.

3. Generous commissions. The best free online affiliate programs pay well. It’s difficult to promote products if your profit margins are low, which is why it’s a good idea to partner with professional, high-paying programs.

4. Strong niche. The more rabid a fan-base a particular niche has, the more likely you are to generate a tremendous amount of profit from it. You don’t have to select gigantic sectors, like mortgages. Sometimes the simplest products will have have a strong, permanent demand.

5. Good branding. The best free online affiliate programs usually are recognized as the best because they’ve done a great job promoting their product or service, and draw in a large number of affiliates who want to promote it. Success breeds success.

6. Set payment schedule. Programs that pay whenever they feel like it do not build the confidence and trust of their affiliates. Many of the top-tier programs out there will publicize their pay schedule so that their affiliates can count on being paid at a regular time every month, whether that schedule is weekly, bi-weekly, or only monthly.

7. Good communication. Keeping in contact with affiliates is a great way to build up a professional relationship. The best free online affiliate programs will contact you every once in a while to see how you’re doing, and to offer suggestions on how to improve your sales. Take their advice, they’re the experts on what works best for that niche.

8. Special offers. Affiliate programs will often have promotions for their affiliates to entice higher sales. For instance, some will offer large bonuses to affiliates who make a certain number of sales.

9. Larger slice of the pie. Affiliates who have a track record of consistent, high sales can negotiate for higher commission percentages. The best free online affiliate programs out there will gladly oblige, as they’re likely rolling in a lot of money from their best affiliates.